Personal – 25 ppl for my 25 yrs of life

so im a very “only child” and very sensitive and emotional – oh and craji! i come up with weird things, haha. some of you ive known for over a decade, some of you live outside of the country or state from me, some have recently gotten closer, etc. but i wanted to share that regardless of what may happen bcos we’re all busy with our lives, you 25 below have made an impression on my heart and will always be in my most happiest memories. and it would be a blessing, privilege, and honor to share more in the future! ;]

i excluded my parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. not that youre not my friend or not special if youre not on this list. this is my go to, do or die ppl. i obv did it alphabetical order on purpose.

im going to make this list every yr and see the changes. im also going to count down every yr from 24 ppl, 23 ppl, etc. i think i can even predict now who might be going down and off the list as time passes, and there’s nothing wrong with that – but hopefully im wrong. ❤

ang unz, clare, dcnyu, don, dryu offar, espak, gail, janette, jill, jc, jlu, josef, joyciepoycietengo, keds, mar, minji, oompz, s, ssica, sojinunz, sooz, ti, tumtum, ty

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