s+r – La Mer Lip Balm

I have really sensitive lips. I’m peeling them [I know I’m nasty] all the time and all year round. I needed to find a really good lip balm that stopped my lips from peeling which felt impossible after years of searching.

I was loyal to CO Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine for $8 for the longest time. I used the strong Mentha tube which not only freshened my breath, but it made my lips feel tingly in a good way. The Mentha one is very strong which I love.

I used EOS for $3.50 for a while. It’s the easiest to use! I LOVE how you just apply it straight to your lips. It was SUPER convenient. It was good, but it still had me peeling and pulling on my lips.

I never tried Jack Black for $7.50 even though I heard amazing things about it! Heard men love this too.

I heard of La Mer’s Lip Balm for $50 and the rave about how this product truly works. After a couple years, I finally caved in and recently tried it for myself. I did have high hopes and true to other great testimonies, it does work! It has a soft mint feel which is nice. I don’t love how you have to apply it with your fingers, but oh well. I love that it is not sticky or shiny, but gets the job done which is to smoothen and help heal my lips from cracking and peeling. It’s definitely an investment that I am happy with. This lip balm will last you a very long time.

I did hear amazing things about By Terry for $60 and Sisley for $72, but I didn’t want to dish out another $10-$20 [from the $50]. I would swear by Sisley products and they are totally worth every penny, but it’s just expensive. After I use up my La Mer, I will try the Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm!

A great reference is Raeview‘s Top 10 luxury lip balms.


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