Personal – Bergdorf’s

I just watched the documentary, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. Nothing beats BG. It was nice to see familiar faces, people I worked with, and the same guy for employee training! lol

I absolutely fell in love with BG in college. I tried so hard to get my internship there, but failed. I did get my first job right out of FIT at BG’s Personal Shopping Department. Being a personal shopper and or a wardrobe stylist is what feeds my soul. I love that way more than being a stylist. I graduated in May of 2008 and started working. I loved working there!

At first, my boss would give me full on projects myself just after the first couple months there. She had confidence in me, and it was great! Even though I was her 2nd assistant, her clients would ask me for their opinion. Maybe they just wanted a younger opinion. Then that same mid/late 40 year old boss started to bully me, and that was that. I quit. The end. :/

I wish I was still working at Bergdorf’s, but don’t regret leaving because I wasn’t getting treated like a human being. I would prefer to work for their magazine, but nothing feeds my soul than Personal Shopping.

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