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I did an entry about face products last week so I decided to do hair products this week.

Here’s my hair products shelf which is directly above my face products shelf.

IMG_0318 (Small)

Some of my Kerastase products that I stock up on:IMG_0316 (Small)

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE Kérastase and it is my Holy Grail hair care brand. Nothing compares to how Kérastase works for me. I favor their Cristalliste Lumière Liquide Oil Serum for $42 over their Nutritive Sérum Oléo-Relax for $40 that make my ends soft. I love the pink Cristalliste line for long hair; not to mention the amazingly soft smell! My absolute favorite shampoo out of all of them hands down is the Bain Oléo-Relax for $39. I use the Bain Oléo-Curl for when I let my curls run natural. The Bain Miror is for color treated hair. The Bain Volumactive is for volume which I like the least. The Lait Vital Conditioner for $42 and Masquintense Thick Hair Masque for $62 are the best hands down!!! I’ve never had anything work better than these and have been a very true, loyal customers for years.

Even though I love Kerastase and favor their Cristalliste Lumière Liquide Oil Serum, my Holy Grail for hair oil serums has to be Morrocan Oil Treatment 3.4oz for $43. Moroccan Oil is stronger and bit thicker than the Kerastase and that’s why it works better for me since I need the extra care. It may be excessive for most, but I actually use both MO and the Christalliste oils on my hair.

Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In TreatmentI’ve been using Infusium 23 Leave in Treatment [huge] 34oz for $9 since I was in Elementary School! I used it when I was younger to tame my frizzyness. On my shelf, it’s in the green spray bottle. It’s a great detangler and great for moisture or repair. It’s like water for thirsty hair.

POWDER.PUFFKevin Murphy’s Powder Puff is for texture and volume. I personally don’t love it and makes my roots feel a bit chalky. I will not be repurchasing this.

Drybar - The Chaser Shine PomadeDryBar’s The Chaser Shine Pomade for $28 is a new product I am sampling out.

 Redken’s Body Full Root Lifter is yet another voluminizer for the roots. It’s just ok. I won’t be repurchasing this either.

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray 6 oz for $59 is one of the best I’ve tried in this department. I spray each section of my hair then use my flat iron or curling iron. It not only protects my hair from heat damage, but it smooths my hair and gives it a silky and shiny finish after I use my flat iron.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 8.5oz for $42 works as a dry shampoo and for volume and texture. The strong nozzle is amazing. I love Oribe products as well, but this spray personally doesn’t work great on my hair. People absolutely love this product, but I think I am one of the few that just doesn’t work well with my hair for some reason.

Click to enlarge  Moroccan Oil Root Boost for $29 has that signature MO scent which I love. It comes out in a mousse form. You are to put it in your roots when your hair is wet and going straight into blow drying.

Kerastase Double Force Hairspray for $39 is a very efficient hairspray. The nozzle is has a nice, light, and steady consistency; you have to try it to know what I’m talking about. It is not as sticky and is light yet strong holding and long lasting. The smell smells like… a plant? Not a bad plant, but something of the Earth. Haha I know that makes absolutely no sense. I’m huge on smells, but since the product is so good I don’t mind this smell. It’s not necessarily a bad smell either.

Biolage Whipped Volume Mousse for $16. I’ve been using this mousse since I was young and it keeps my waves movable. If you’re looking for a strong, stiff mousse, I don’t recommend this.

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