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I got Glam Glow’s mask as a birthday gift, and I like it a lot. The ingredients are all natural which is awesome. I’m huge on face and hair masks. [NOTHING can beat my hair mask!] I am religious about using it every week.  Also I go for a facial once a month. I like to use more hydrating masks in the winter. I’ve been using the cheap Korean masks a lot this winter, and I am very satisfied. I’ve been loyal to La Mer’s Refining Mask for $85 for a few years now, and use it more in the summer.

Going back to Glam Glow’s Super Mud Clearing Treatment for $69, I’ve used it on my whole face, but I also like using it just on my nose.  I love this particular mask for my huge pores on my nose. When the mask dries, you can see the huge pores on your face! All the masks dry from a darker to lighter color. The masks totally suck in and tighten your face. It feels awesome! You can literally see some of the green tea leaves in the product and on your face.

The black jar of Glam Glow’s Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatement Mask for $69 was very strong for my non oily face, but I still loved it. I would only use this potent jar for myself once in a while. If I had to pick from the white and black jar, I like this one better. This mask would do wonders for oily skin. It’s somewhat similar to La Mer’s Refining Facial, but Glam Glow is way stronger and tighter which I like. It has a very strong tingling sensation which I like as well. It has a nice minty scent too.

I got some of the Bright Mud Eye Treatment samples which also retail for $69. I thought it would do a better job. I’m not impressed. It’s good, but I wouldn’t purchase it. Nothing was extraordinary or special for me at all.

I really love the Glam Glow masks products! They feel so different, and I’ve used many masks. The hype is real. They are so strong and really work hard on your face! I totally recommend this and will be buying them a lot for my friends as well!

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