s+r – Kendra Scott Jewelry

I love Kendra Scott! Ready for my KSJ Haul?!


It was love at first sight with this Isabelle Bracelet in Aster for $130. I wear this probably 6 days out of the 7 day week, if not all 7 days! I mix and match this bracelet with all my other different leather bracelets, gold&white gold bracelets, and bangles. I can wear this bracelet to almost any type of event and with any style. I can dress this up when going out to my husband’s work events as well as mixing in with a trendy crop top. I love how each one of the same design is placed differently on the chain. This has become one of my new staples, and I believe that it will stay a staple for time to come.

IMG_0173 (Small)IMG_0174 (Small) 

It also comes in different colors:  



How amazing are these Kyra Chandelier Earrings in Fiji for $120!? I love all the different colors and the ombre effect so I picked the Fiji ones. These Kyra earrings are so festive and lively. These earrings are the star of the show when wearing them! I don’t wear too many busy things with these earrings because it would just be overload. The focus is always on these earrings and it steals the attention of my outfit.IMG_0185 (Small)

The names of the different color earrings are so awesome: Fiji, Tahiti, Maui, and Bali! I had such a hard time picking which one I wanted because I truly adore all four.



How gorgeous are these Allison Earrings in Slate for $65? These Allison Earrings come in many different colors.  These earrings are so classy, elegant, sophisticated, and versatile. I love the big teardrop shape with the long earwire.

IMG_0220 (Small)




Here are my Danielle Earrings in Black Pearl for $75! I love big earrings, and I am loving this Black Pearl! These earrings come in so many different colors and stones. This stone caught my eye because of the shape, size, and beautiful black pearl!

IMG_0184 (Small) 




Here are the Morgan Stud Earrings in Chalcedony for $55. If you can’t tell by now – I love big earrings. These studs are the perfect size I favor and search for.  I also love stud earrings, and Kendra Scott made these so well! I usually wear stud earrings during my week. I went for this beautiful light mint color. I also love the simplicity of them with just 7 prongs holding the stone. I love the slight pointed top and shape of this stone! [Count how many times I wrote “love” in this one paragraph!]

IMG_0179 (Small) 




Here are two pairs of my Skylar Earrings for $65. Don’t you love this shape? Both stones are so different so I got both! Turquoise is always great for the summer. I love the bright color. I also love this unique stone on the right. I contemplated on the sparkly Blue Goldstone color as well! Can’t get enough of these amazing, unique stones and colors the style Skylar offers!IMG_0182 (Small) 



How awesome and convenient is this little dust bag? Not only is my jewelry protected in this soft silk bag, but also looks great when I’m traveling and carrying my jewelry! I use this bag to hold my jewelry when I’m traveling, but also if I want to just pack an extra pair of earrings for later in the night. IMG_0186 (Small)



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