IMOIN – stylish pregnancy

Yes, that is so going to be me. I will work it to my best ability for the sake of women, myself, and my husband. But also not going to kill my feet and will still be comfortable. You can look, be stylish, as well as be comfortable at the same time whether youre pregnant or not, peoples. With all due respect, I can wear a comfy maxi dress [with a thin belt] or a blazer over a stretchy cotton top.  Yes, I will still care about what I wear and how it hugs my pregnant body, but be safe and not wear 5 inch stilettos [Ok, maybe this one pair I have, but it’s only because those particular high heels have a lot of comfort and support believe it or not] but yes 2 and 3 inches fo’ sho’ will work! Even the days I wear a hoodie, it will be a nice one! Haha half kidding. It’s not to prove anything, but to love and look how great I feel [after the 1st trimester :P].  And stylish pregnant women are amazing – so why not join them!

555047-miranda-kerr'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' NYC Screeningkourtney-kardashian-pregnant-bellymiranda kerrmiroslava-stellaNicole Richievictoria_beckham

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