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I love really good fashion bloggers who are in their 30s+. I VERY MUCH love stylish mom bloggers. My favorite are Miroslava Duma and Northern Light‘s Hedvig Opshaug. There’s also Elin Kling and Anna Dello Russo to name a couple who are so successful!

Yes, I’m pinpointing successful blogger’s and their age bracket. I will always love fashion, and I enjoy my life right now also. I miss breathing fashion all day long so much, but I am focusing mainly on my family right now. Just a decision my husband and I made for ourselves. [I highly support both – careers and being a homemaker or whatever it may be though for everyone!]

I want to pursue being a low key personal shopper with a few main clients [not necessarily a celebrity either, maybe a businesswoman] in …. oh, 10 years after our kids start school. [Shout out to mega stylists over their 30s+ who are on top of their game – June Ambrose and Rachel Zoe.] And I hope I can be a successful blogger later too.

So with all this age talk, I’m saying it gives me hope, light, energy, inspiration, and bigger dreams of not being scared of getting older to work the fashion industry! These “older” [not so old, but older in the fashion industry right now] bloggers give me such high hopes and inspiration to follow in their footsteps later. [Yes, later. No, not now with this blog. Show my face and hire a photographer later. :] I’ve always looked forward to possibly going back to fashion later, but now I have a lot of new confidence for my future fashion career because of these successful and not as young stylish, fashion bloggers, and moms! [Also a shout out to Grace Cod!] Thanks you women are awesome in so many ways!

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