Personal – gifts

Here are some gifts from my husband and mom.



I really needed a card holder for my commute and when I go out. I use my train ticket and metrocard at least 4 times a day. And I never take my wallet when I go out. So I really wanted one.

Santiago Gonzalez Crocodile Card HolderThis SANTIAGO GONZALEZ is a men’s crocodile card holder which I absolutely love. I love croc and ostrich. This was love at first sight and I contemplated very hard, but it didn’t make the final cut. ;P

I went with this card case in white. The monogram takes 4-5 weeks and is an extra $155. This is a birthday gift from my mom.

IMG_0262 (Large) IMG_0265 (Large) [front and back]




I debated on whether I should get the Rivale or Kelly Double Tour bracelet in bright blue or hyrda blue.

 Rivale in Hydra Blue

I decided on the Kelly Double Tour with the irresistible 😛 hardware, double layer leather that wraps through twice in the bold, bright blue color. I was going to go with the hydra blue color above because I felt that it was more of a classic color than the bright blue. Also, I already had a bright yellow bracelet, but the louder blue color was more me. It’s also funny that my wedding colors were white and exactly this blue and bright yellow.

IMG_0087 IMG_0091




My husband also got me a pair of these tan suede with white mesh booties from Louboutin.

IMG_0267 (Medium)




I have been wanting this makeup bag for over a year now. My husband got me this red one for Valentine’s Day. I love the size, how wide it opens up, and the side zipper.




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  1. Very descriptive article, I loved that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

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