s+r – Silk’n SensEpil hair removal

 [How cute is this image I found on Google? lol]


I was very interested in this product because you can do it in the privacy of your own home, felt less scary to me, it’s cheaper by a lot than getting it professionally done, touch up anytime you want, easier to do more frequently and as many times as you want.

So I started researching and looking for real reviews (not the reviews made by the company) online. I narrowed it down to the Tria or Silk’n SensEpil. They both average retail for about $500. I got mine online for $350.

I decided to get the Silkn because it covers more area than the Tria so it takes less time.

A very important reason why I got the Silkn is that you can buy refill cartridges (about $30-50 a pop) whereas you use the Tria a certain amount (a lot- dont remember exact but can do your full body once I think??) of times and then you have to purchase a new one. Buying the cartridges can add up, but not only is it still way more cost effective than getting it professionally done but the cartridges do last a very decent amount of pulses and I can use this home machine on myself, my mom, my moms friend, my best friend, my aunt, my cousin, and my best friends neighbor. Lol you get what I mean.

Does it work? It does work for me, and I would say for most. Everyone is different and not everything works on everyone the same way.
For me, some areas grew less faster. For example, the hair on my legs barely grew in only after using it twice. And then less and less.
It is said to use every 2 weeks. Certain parts grew in faster so I used it weekly in the beginning for certain areas. On average, its supposed to stop growing after 6 times or so. After that you are supposed to do it every 6 months+ to maintain it. Unfortunately this is not a permanent machine, but it definitely makes a significant difference. It is a light (Uses light, haha. Not that it is light VS heavy) treatment.

And since I do it myself, its a lot less scary. Haha seriously! Well, for me. At first I had my husband do it for me and it was way more scary because it was unexpected, lol.

I highly recommend this product. I love my Silk’n SensEpil!!

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