s+r – color bug


I’ve been dying my hair since… I don’t even want to tell you how young [middle school]. I remember this one summer I went to Korea and my aunt let me bleach my hair twice[ugh it was SOOOO dead after!!!!!!!] and dye my whole head BLUE! I loved it, ahhaha. After that, I’ve had turquoise streaks, leopard steaks [er lol], etc. I still love dying my hair very light and bright red. My husband doesn’t like it when I dye my hair, but oh welps! And I think I will give my kids streaks of colors very young too. x/ Er too bad to the hubby?!

Anyways, this is the color part without the commitment! It is not hair dye or damaging like bleach. It is like eye shadow but for your hair. HOW AMAZING! I heard it works well even on dark hair!! I am getting this right now. I wish they had blue and turquoise.

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