Personal – Dream II

I was hanging out with God again in my dreams. This is the second time He came to me in my dreams. This time, He was just hanging out with me in my room sitting on my bed. One thing I asked Him was if the first thing I’ll do is see Him when I get to Heaven. He gave me an answer, but I forgot what He said!! (Lol oh God I think He did that on purpose, hehe.) I do remember that I felt good… Like I nodded in pleasure or something. I wanted to do something nice for Him so I massaged His scalp, lol. This was not weird at all. GAHH and I can’t remember what we talked about, but that’s ok. It was meant to be that way. All I know is that it was super fun and good.

[God – I really enjoyed my time just chilling and talking with you. It was laid back. Thanks! :]

Afterwards (maybe few days or a week? still in my dream), someone asked me if I really believed that it was God who came. I was totally happy and knew it was God who I hung out with. It made me reassured and happy.


I woke up and told my husband and want to know what he said? Lol so cute… He said, “you’re so lucky.” The way he said it was like a cute kid. 🙂

I don’t think I’m holy, have powers, or anything. It was just sweet. So I wanted to share something personal. I wanted this because lately I’ve been starting to think that what I do is “not that bad” and becoming way more secular. So, I’m glad God came and paid me a visit. 🙂


This was Part I

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One Response to Personal – Dream II

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing your dream! He was trying to tell u that he loves u and that u r special 🙂

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