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francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

francesca eastwood birkin

Read first please:

I actually really like this piece [when I say piece, I’m talking about the photos not the actual handbag :] a lot and wanted to share! It’s an artistic way of expression about something silly [and amazing :P] such as a Birkin. I don’t have an eye for cameras or picture quality, but I dont like it. It looks kinda like “crappy” quality to me, but I know nothing about photography. I’m not offended or appalled like some others. Why? Yes I drool over birkins like cray, maybe few times every week on the dot. I only dream of ostrich and crocodile birkins, but I love the idea of destroying this croc birkin. It is shown in 3 different ways: burning, biting, and sawing. It is only a bag at the end of the day [something I sadly need to constantly remind myself and not proud of]. It is just a Very expensive [no not $100k though! more like half the price which is still a crazy amount of money for a handbag] object that is called an Hermes Birkin. Loving this artistic idea behind our society, uh myself, etc. and thankful for that!
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