s+r – face regime

Here is my current face regime that I am happy about with my face [T zone].

Holy Grail: Lancome Bi Facil Makeup Remover $27

This is hands down the best makeup remover!! And you have to get this particular one from Lancome, not the other ones.

HOLY RAIL: Clarisonic Mia $119

Everyone and anyone should use this regardless of age or gender. The Mia works just great regardless of the other upgrades Clarisonic has to offer. You can find deals and promotions on this price since it’s widely sold so try to avoid paying full price. I really can’t go a day without using this. You can feel the difference in your pores and how clean it keeps your skin! [Not a brightener]

Clarisonic Mia is available in multiple colors

Holy Grail: La Mer Cleansing Foam $65

This will always be my daily face wash. Love the soft scent that isn’t rough on my skin.

With the Clarisonic, I dont use an exfoliater much anymore.

I am almost finished with my Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads $36. I loved the peach scent, but it’s gotten harsh and hard on my skin. Kinda stings a lot now. I only recommend to those with acne or oily skin.

I would like to switch this to YSL Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush $55.

Le Metier de BeauteDaily Refresh Tonic $50

This toner won me over Sisley, La Prairie, La Mer, etc.  It’s new and the first time I’m using it. I like this toner a lot because it has a mix of peppermint and lavender, vitamins, etc. etc. The smell has an amazing light floral with mint scent and feel!

Holy Grail: SK-II Treatment Essence $100-200 depending on oz

From the first time I heard that this does wonders and came to US, I was hooked ever since. It smells bad, but I’m so used to it that I dont mind. Plus it dries. 😛

Click here to view larger image

SK-II WS Brightening Derm Specialist $130-190 depending on size

So far I really like this serum. I need something to smooth and brighten my face. I need to smooth out the discoloration on different parts of my face. This is great for me right now. I actually do look forward to graduating to the La Prarie and Sisley serums later.

Click here to view larger image

La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Revitalizing Emulsion $135

I really like the very light weight and light clean smell it has. I really like this AMB line. I really regret not getting the Day Cream instead!!

Sisley Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream $205

Here is to my first Sisley product thanks to my husband. He knows I’m big on my products. ;] It’s been a month and so far it does not disappoint. I really love the Sisley Eye & Lip Contour Complex so I’m debating whether I should try that next after this or continue with this one.

La Mer Refining Facial $75

Def need to do this weekly. Love the soft smell, cleanness, and tiny beads. Does a great job. One of the best at home facials!! It’s not like those cucumber facials creams you get. JKJK ;P 😛

The Refining Facial

I know I really need to get up on some good daily SPF into my regime…


Yeah man I do this every single day, and I have grown to love it more and more. I take breaks in between to let the product sink in before applying the other on after. So I’ll put on a face product then put product in my hair then put on a face product than lotion on my body, etc. etc. I am 26 now and need to really start taking care of my skin as best as I can.

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