Personal – My guy list :P

I did this list last year and it’s stayed the same. I dont care about Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Twilight, etc. 😛

Friggin’ Fergie is SOoooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky. Josh Duhamel is so hot and tall!

SO cute and good looking. DROOL DROOL faint. Too bad he’s a dirty scum hoe [excuse me], but his dimples, look, and yeah body make me ill, LOL.

Armie is 6’5″, my age, and married. I first saw him on Gossip Girl long ago and then he was in the FB movie, Social Network. His grandfather was an oil tycoon and his dad started a school that Armie attended. what 

Yeah yeah idk, but I cant resist Chace Crawford.

I will always be a fan of Hugh Jackman. I think different things about him now, but I still think he is good looking, more kind [haha], and awesome.

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