Here’s to someone who puts up with way more than the average husband 😛 You really are my everything… my partner in life, my shrink!, my best friend, the one I feel most loved and secure with… you wont leave me even if my breathe stinks and my makeup is running down my face and I’m crying then scream and and, hahaha. And still doesnt ever make me feel self conscious or ugly at all. But you do let me know I’m being crazy which I need, hehe.  You do know me better than myself. Marriage is a challenging but blessed gift. Thanks for always getting me water at 2am, still opening the car door, scratching my back and massaging me until I ask you to stop [or drool], always working for our future, saying sorry when i demand you to say sorry 😛 :P, being my #1 fan [most times, hahaha], letting me never take out the garbage once – all the little things add up! 😛

Just cooked for 20 people at our place. Youre welcome. Now byebye

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