Personal – Places To Go!!

I have the rest of my life for this list! ;D

If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with EGYPT. I lost my chance to go for my 25th bday this past Feb. What “PERFECT” timing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :I

Iceland. Looks amajing. pretty cool, right?

Iceland TF/DL2JRM/P TF/DO6XX/PSolheimajokull Glacier in Iceland

never been to Japan :[

Ive never seen [in pics!] water more turqoiuse then that from Bora Bora. Wanted to honeymoon here, but we left it at our destination wedding ;]

Santorini. Amazeballs. ;P Who doesnt love the white and blue!??!

Great Wall of China! Insane

Sydney, Mate! 

Oh Bali Bali

can not wait for the day I see St. Basil’s Cathedral!

would love to visit israel one day 



can never get enough of hawaii. if $ was not an issue and could retire anywhere, i think id have to be good ol ha-va-ii. hawaii beats any island to me anytime!

And last but not least 

No way I could pick and choose. List of countries here is pretty intense. :]

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