Personal – my makeup bag

Here is my makeup drawer that I barely ever open to use… maybe like twice a year? Here is my old, but good Hello Kitty makeup bag. It is time for a new one, but definitely not a priority or a necessity so I’ll probably keep this for a while.  This is what I use everyday and it takes me less than 5 minutes. Actually, I only use mascara on the weekends or at night. I’m ALL about a little bit of black eyeliner [little cat eye!] and always blush. 1st I put on YSL touche éclat radiant touch under my eyes.

2nd I ALWAYS put on black pencil eyeliner no matter what, and extend the base for a cateye. If I have 0 seconds, I’ll always put this under my eyes. I’m thinking of getting the new thin tatt. I’ve used gel eyeliner pots, but I always go back and stick with the easy old pencil eyeliner. And I hate the ones you sharpen, I just twist up. I have yet to find a DARK one that doesnt run on me!!! :[[

3rd I currently use the JUMBO Pen for the outline and fill it in with the strong YSL eyeliner. Love the YSL liquid eyeliners bcos it is dark, juicy, strong, and lasts long! I just got the YSL Easy Liner. Like I said before, I LOVE love pointy liquid eyeliner pens that are not too thin or too flimsy.

I use these uber thin qtips from Korea to fix my cateye and make it neat.

Dior Show BlackOut is my personal FAVE mascara and I wont use anything else.

Lastly, I put the Nars stick swiping up on my cheekbones and use my brush to blend. I love this small and thick brush! I dont [try not to :] brush too hard getting rid of the color but spacing it out where I want.

I don’t have patience so I do all these steps super quick, lol. And there you have it!

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