s+r – “I’m Jumbo Pen Liner” [not a typo :]

Thought it was perfect in my life right now for many reasons, lol.  I am in love with pointy liquid eyeliner pens, and prob will always be so I am always on the hunt for a great one – not too pointy and not too flimsy of a wand point. The erie?! :P, silly, and whack reason is that I bought this eyeliner in Korea before going to Hawaii so the theme is dead on, LOL. So random. I’ve never seen a jumbo eyeliner like this and it’s so awesome, haha! And it literally saids it’s jumbo pen liner……….ahahha you gotta love Korea’s mispelled grammar! 😛 But it is such an easy eyeliner to use bcos it has a nice point, it’s thick and easy. Haha. I’m using a jumbo black marker eyeliner to draw makeup on my eyes… and I like it! I only use it to make an outline. I use this Jumbo Pen first then use other liquid eyeliner since this Jumbo Pen is not strong or liquid-y enough. I dont think you can just this by itself. Bought from Etude.

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