More and more of my friends and ppl have been asking/telling me to pursue fashion again. They are telling me I belong in Fashion and that I should do it NOW.

The “new plan” for myself being a newlywed is to enjoy being with children and then hopefully go back to fashion and other things later in life. People tell me and I agree that it’s a matter of being selfish for myself first now while I can, but this is also what I want to do. It’s my choice. :] I have found myself for now bcos being a homemaker or being a nanny is also not an easy job either. I dont get sick or tired of it.

Right now I wake up everyday enjoying going to work, Sunday night comes and I dont mind the upcoming work week [if anything I miss the baby], during the day I am not stressed and I enjoy being a nanny to its fullest. No fluff.

But yes I do miss fashion very much so. I sit here and dream about hopes of a chance of being in fashion again in 10~ years. So I feel torn. But I wouldnt give up my nanny career, and I have fun with my blog now. I think I am content even though I miss fashion. I DEFFFF don’t miss the fashion industry and work environment! So it made me think for a second but I will just continue to enjoy life right now. I wake up loving my job now.

I will just have to keep praying that something will open up for me in fashion and it will be in God’s plans for me to style and dress one or few steady clients in a decade from now. I just need to keep praying for my future and staying thankful for right now. :]

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