Personal – 25 Randoms about me

-my dream/goal in another life is to be a race car driver.
-im a tetrix and hula hoop champion!! 😛
-i hate soda, milk, oj, coffee, & cocktails! i drink water, sweet juices, and milkshakes.
-i used to play the flute, piano, and violin when i was younger. sadly, i’m horrible now.
-i had another name when i was born. don’t worry it’s changed to hana on my birth certificate.
-i need to eat breakfast every morning.
– ive been to hawaii 3 times [and counting! :]
-my favorite country so far is italy [yeah it beat paris. gasp]! it’s a tie between roma and venezia bcos theyre so different!
-i’m obsessed with [going to but cant] egypt. :[[[
-i absolutely can not watch more than 3 seconds of a horror commercial! let alone movie. strong reason why i hate previews too.
-im pretty all or nothing.
-i love preppy guys with a touch of flamboyance [LOL]… oh and that slicked back gatsby hair. [kindaaa think nasty scott disick]
-ive dyed my hair blue, turquoise, etc… you know name it.
-i [try to :] plan my whole entire life with backups.
-i went bungy jumping before i was 18. also went skydiving last year.
-im an only child [i always wanted an older sibling growing up, hehe].
– i switched high schools midway.
-i was very sick, had a big surgery, a scar to show, and almost died one summer during my college years.
-i am a sugar and sweets FREAK.
-i wish i was a morning person, but i sleep SO much. i require a min of 8-10 hours a day.
-i wish i was a runner, but i absolutely HATE working out. hope that changes in few years!!
-i applied to only one college and got in early admission! yay
-i am a cat lover. i actually dont really like dogs. [sorry!]
-my BIGGEST fear is rats.. or even small “cute” mice. even typing out the word “r—” creeps me out!!!! xP
-i didnt like watching cartoons growing up, and i still dont. [ok i watched rugrats and doug only, but other than that i hated all cartoons.]
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