s+r – hair products

Hi, My name is Hana & I am a Kerastase and hair products junkie. 😛 I have tried many products and have my usuals that I want to share & recommend with you.

Infusium leave in treatment [from regular drugstores, target, etc.] and I have a 15year+ relationship, bahaha. My mom started using this and it was a one of those things where I watched her and used it myself so putting on Infusium every single time getting out of the shower since I was a little girl – No lie. [Kinda creepy and quirky fact, no? hahaha!] When I didnt have this or one time forgot to bring it for a weekend away when I was little, I was buggin and pissed, LOL! Can you imagine a little Hana all mad with crazy curls, haha! It’s been such a part of me, I just naturally use it all the time. And again, I have naturally curly/wavy hair so its a must for me. It gives your hair moisture and makes your hair and scalp feeling clean, not tangled, and fresh.

Only recently over the past couple years have I been caught out with my natural waves and embrace it! Since I straighten my locks very often, I never go bare when using my iron or blow dryer. I favor Biosilk Silk Therapy and Chi Silk Infusion oil for blow drying and the Fhi Heat Hot Sauce [gotten super cheap over the years!! :] when ironing. I love these 3 products!

I’ve been dying to try Moroccon Oil after I use my current products!!

https://i0.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/11v8pS9HLkL.jpg I just recently got Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puffwhich is a volumising powder that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I’ll have to tell you more about it later, but I have heard only great reviews! If you know me, I love volume.

I dont use mousse as much as I used to, but favor this particular Biolage mousse in picture. The other ones are for volume or movable curls which work well as well [usually when using a curling iron for big banana curls going out or for an event]. These mousse dont make it super stiff or hard.

I barely ever use hairspray. I am not a hairspray type of girl at all. I think my friends [both guys and girls, lol] use this when they need a random touch up more than I do, lol. I like Kerastase for everyday use and flexible sprays for other occasions.

I live by my hair treatments!!! I do it weekly all year round. I do indeed like Fekkais, but nothing works like Kerastase Masquintense. I’ve been dying my hair a lot and do all the time in the summer, so Chroma Reflect Masque [color treated line] is essential!! I must have this.

So putting my hair through all the damage from straightening, blow drying, ironing, styling, coloring, sun, chlorine in water, etcetc. protecting it and moisturizing it is super key!! My hair is not nice enough to put stress on its bare locks! ;]

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