You know all the hype about a clarisonic?!.. it’s pretty good. It cleans your face well, gets rid of blackheads, junk, etc. and DEF makes your skin SUPER soft just after few days. Only thing is that, of course, it’s not a miracle worker so even though it will clear and prevent most blemishes, it doesnt make your skin glow if you didnt always have that natural glow. Do you know what I mean? It def cleans your pores very well and does its jobs in that sense, but if you have bad acne, craters, scars or something,  I dont think it takes those scars, etc. away. So you def feel the difference, but after being a clarisonic user, it doesnt make your skin all bright clean clean. That is what a chemical peel is for ppl so dont get it mixed up [this is for non normal faces]. It feels diff, but only looks a little different. :] But yes there is no doubt that I do indeed love my clarisonic! Everyone should go out and get one! It’s worth the $150~. BTW, Mia works just fine.

You can use their face wash, or use your own. You charge it. You easily clean it once a week. You change the brush heads about every 3-4 months. It’s 2 minutes each time you use it.

My one guy friend said, “It changed my life.” hahahaha ;]

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