Personal – My Life in Perfumes

I always wanted to be known for someone with a distinctive scent like many others. Scents have memories behind them, and here are mine!


It all started with my mom’s Black Gucci Envy in 6th grade. We were going to this non alcoholic dance club place for teens called ESCAPADES!! Coolest place EVER to be, lol. That is when I went into my mom’s room and sprayed this. I snuck sprays here and there all the time. I’m almost certain this has been discontinued for a long time now. This is the best scent bcos the memories are priceless. 😀

Gucci Envy then became my signature scent from middle school and all throughout high school. I drenched myself in it – yuck. Can we say OD?! Whenever my friends and I smell Gucci Envy, it still brings us back to high school and all of crazy memories.

Pink Sugar by Aquolina smells like cotton candy. It’s one of those I’m a teenager scent, haha. So sweet and sugary.

D&G Light Blue is/has been my scent for the longest after Gucci Envy. I love this scent so much and I think it’s perfect… except I wore it way too much so there’s no freshness to this scent to me in my mind… Hahahaha. I still have it and it’s my safety that I can’t let go. [I’m so dramatic.] I can recognize this scent almost anywhere. It’s fairly the same on a very wide ranges of bodies too.

Two scents I played with trying to make them my own, but failed are: Hermes eau des merveilles and Prada infusion d’iris. These two were in between my D&G Light Blue days. It sounds as if I’m trying to find my soul through perfumes, lol!! Hermes is pretty strong and on my skin, it wasnt as sweet when I smelled it on someone else. I like wearing this once in a while in the winter. As for the Prada scent, it sometimes smells a little too much like baby powder. xI was never a body splash girl even though I tried when younger, but NuSkin NaPCA Moisture Mist is so light, clean, and pretty! Even though I’m a true, strong perfume type of girl, this mist is THE BEST! Plus it’s to moisturize your face and skin. Best smell!!! Just not strong, but others might prefer that.

D&G L’Imperatrice 3 is my summer scent. I was happy to find this bcos I felt like it was my updated D&G Light Blue. Lauren Blue is discontinued and I find it only in certain spots! I love this scent. It is my fave right now, and think it will be for a while. The first time, I smelled it on a girl after she showered during my mission trip to Haiti. She said, “This scent will always remind you of me and Haiti now.”, haha. I absolutely love this scent for myself. I think this is my favorite bcos it has just the right amount of “mature” sweetness… bcos it’s not too sugary sweet, if that makes any sense!


Soooo… Now I just mix the last 2 on this list, Ralph Lauren Blue & D&G L’Imperatrice 3 together and viola~!

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