Wardrobe – Red Jacket [2 of 2]

I always say “I’m going to wear this for YEARS, almost for the rest of my life… or ok for at least 5-10 years” when I buy outwear ….lol! And I will stick to my word with this piece bcos it’s so versatile in age, seasons, etc. I’ve been wanting a Burb trench for the rainy days as well as light spring/fall days, but not the traditional tan color. The material isnt shiny but has the water repellent so I can wear it when it’s not raining and it just looks like a regular jacket. I found a gunmetal trench in 2008 while interning at Elle to find out they didnt come out with that color after that season!! I was sooooo upset~! And even though I LOVE ivory and nude shades, I didnt want it for a rain jacket. I also wanted a Burb trench that didnt have the print screaming everywhere; I hate that. I never pop my collar; I hate that too, hehe. [photo purposes here:] I really like the mid length too! The hood is detachable too.

I love the gunmetal buttons!!

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[red Burberry rain jacket, ivory Ralph Lauren knit v neck sweater, navy Roberto Cavalli pants, Pucci rainboots]

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