Personal – my top guys

Wanted to take a break from Paris Fashion Week.

Ok, IDK if this is a imoin or personal! hahaha~ Another shout out to my husband 😛 I dont know if I’m going to sound like a pig or like a teeny bopper… Maybe both!

Armie is 6’5″ and he’s my age and married. And his grandfather was an oil tycoon and his dad started a school that Armie attended – what the. As if his good looks arent enough! His life is not fair to this world 😛

Yeah, he’s a cheater and he looses 75 points for that. LeAnn is soooo lucky! lol. Ok he gets 75 points for those dimpls being cute and his face being so good looking.

Fergie is beyond lucky. He’s 6’3″ and she’s 5’2″!

I thought I didn’t go for the blonde hair, blue eyes guy… guess I do! CHACE!!! :]

And, no one can deny Hugh Jackman!

I think that is all :]

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