Wardrobe – Lush from Melrose

I got this outfit when shopping in Melrose during my mini weekend vacay. Lush and Piko brands are so me. These kind of shades are me.

I think this cropped, oversized, sheer cover is going to be one of my staple pieces this spring, summer, and fall – lol! It’s so easy to throw on and goes with a lot of things. It is effortless and the sheerness gives it a “I kinda care what I look like” look yet put together without trying! [No? :]

I think this dress is so awesome. It’s so soft and effortless also. Love the awesome bottom cut!

The accessories need to speak louder for this subtle and “play it cool” outfit so I like these platforms and paired it with this printed bag. I like how all the colors dont match, but I feel the ensemble comes together in a me way.

me, me, me – this post. 😛

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[outfit from Lush, Marni platforms, Goyard bag]

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