Wardrobe – Morph Gen

Ok when you see this sweatshirt, does it scream Jersey Shore/Ed Hardy OR… oh thats nice!? Haha I can’t tell anymore. Whatevz I love my MG hoodies. If you know me, I barely own or wear sweatshirts or tees… at all. [Ok I have a few when I used to go to the gym way back ago or try to play sports or something, lol.] I dont even wear sweats to bed, I wear nightgowns or robes or something, hahaha. I absolutely fell in love when I first saw it at this boutique my girlfriend used to work at, and she got me the other color on sale! If I have a piece of clothing in more than one color, I must really love it bcos I HATE doing that ;]. My best friend does that and I wanted to kick, yell, scream, and pull my hair out.. haha ok dramatic – jk. I love the 2 way zipper, ruffled shoulders [cant really tell], and long sleeves on it! 

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[Morphine Generation sweatshirts, some long racerback tank from Nordstrom, Zara leggings]

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