Fashion Week starts tonight~ Kicks off with one show at 7pm… and mayhem has begun~!

I’ll be doing my major FW HW so all the imoins will be long every day of my picks!



On another note, Rachel Zoe’s baby is due next month!! And you can’t even tell.

AND she managed to debut with her own fashion line, on top of every thing else she does! I heard every department store and boutique got up on it so great for her!! I saw it on Style.Com, and it was nice clothes for sure, but didn’t wow me much… maybe 2 pieces made me think that they were cool. She def took the safe… or “sophisticated” and “classic” role which I didn’t expect from her and was let down bcos after all she is supposed to be a Stylist! I’m excited to see the rest of her line though so my hopes are still high. ;]

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