imoin – MY sandals

Yes, I wrote “MY” sandals. I LOVE them and want them! I favor their bamboo wood!! These look so easy to slip on, so comfy, goes with almost anything, and stylish without being flashy! They are so simple but not boring. LOVE. I might have to snatch these!! I’m really excited right now, hehe.
I absolutely hate wearing flat shoes, but in the summer I can’t deny putting on my go to flat sandals as I’m at theme parks, BBQs, and other all day outdoor activities. [Sorry, it’s so cold out so I can’t think of other examples, lol!] And every other day I’m not out and about in my flat sandals, of course I’m in my summer wedges and platforms as much as I can!! [Definitely needs a double exclamation mark.]
PS I always buy my summer sandals in February or March because one time I waited to buy these one amazing pair, and they of course sold out. I wear my shoes season after season. Duh, I’ll be wearing these in 2012 too! Like I’ve said, I know when I’ll love something for a long time. You also know when you fall in love with something too. You should get it bcos you will regret it! 😛

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