imoin – Hermes Window Displays

Gasp~~! How beautiful, extravagant, detail oriented, and just perfect are these magnificent windows!? Friggin PROPS to Design Director Leïla Menchari! All of the styles are so different and so breathtakingly, unbelievably incredible! Words can not describe [as you can see, lol] how amazing these window displays and creator is! Very inspiring!!
Hermes is one of my top 3 Fave designers/brands. Too bad everything costs $$$. The “H” in Hermes is also the letter my name begins with so that helps when accessorizing without being too tacky, hehe.
The current Winter2011 display is the entry’s main image.


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One Response to imoin – Hermes Window Displays

  1. jlu says:

    I like how they emphasize the color palettes to dramatize the set. very vivid.

    here’s another display they recently had in Japan.

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