Wardrobe – blue ombre

I got this top for an insane price while I was interning at Roberto Cavalli. I love how the ruffles pop out of the blazer. This blazer was my first of many previous purchases from the website, susiekim.kr. I say previous purchases because the website is definitely not up to par as it used to be! The blazer has amazing details on the collar and shoulder details! I fell in LOVE with this ombre skirt, and absolutely love the colors! The skirt makes me feel free & light, and makes me want to prance around in it!

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[white ruffled Roberto Cavalli sleeveless top, navy blazer from susiekim.kr, blue ombre Jonathan Saunders for Target skirt, criss cross ballerina suede Prada booties, Mom’s black Bally handbag]

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2 Responses to Wardrobe – blue ombre

  1. Yes, that blouse is simply wonderful!
    Isn’t it disappointing when a shop or a website goes off the boil?

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