Wardrobe – Fave Skirt & Blazer – Nude Ensemble

I saw this skirt in a window of a boutique in Korea the day it arrived and bought the first one! The only thing I don’t love is that the skirt cuts a bit too short for my personal taste [I like longer hems], but feel that I can get away with the length [I’m not used to] because it is such a pretty skirt. It doesn’t give a tasteless, or slutty feel is what I mean. I was so happy when I saw this blazer because I originally fell in love with Stella McCartney’s nude blazer that looks very similar to this Zara knock off. If you don’t know by now, I love cremes, beiges, off whites, and nudes! I hate hot pink, but really like a girly and gentle light white pink. I loved this top on one of my childhood best friend so much she threw it at me and said, “This is more you than me anyways. You have it.” or something very similar to that! And I’ve loved the top and the meaning behind it ever since! I have to gush about this uber soft under tank I wear as much as I can. Everyone must get one made by Calvin Klein. Oh, you’ll know which one I’m talking about when you feel the right one! Sorry I forgot where I got the grey tights. Two type of shoes I FAVOR are booties and platform wedges. I fell in LOVE with these Marni platforms when I first saw them in an editorial and was beyond estatic to find them on sale, in my size, in these colors! They are so awesome, edgy, and pretty darn comfy! YSL Tributes are actually not that uncomfy as they seem despite the 5-6″ sick stiletto heel because there’s a hidden platform in the front of the shoe. I just can’t really walk in them that well [haha] so these shoes are now for “get out of the car and into dinner table” shoes only. Sigh~ They are so beautiful to look at, but too expensive not to wear either.

Out of the three outfits [different shoes], which do you like best/least and why?

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[nude Zara blazer, gifted creme top, white Calvin Klein under tank, floral skirt from Korea, Marni platform wedges & grey skin Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Messenger Bag, criss cross ballerina suede Prada booties & Mom’s vintage black Ferragamo side purse, light grey suede YSL Tribute pumps]

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One Response to Wardrobe – Fave Skirt & Blazer – Nude Ensemble

  1. esther says:

    i absolutely LOVEEEEE this look w/ this skirt!!! wish I could get something similar from the states!

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