s&r – Kerastase!!

I am such a Kerastase “junkie”! I stack upp! This is one thing you will have to pry out of my hands and smack me in the face to stop, and I still wont! Loyal customer alert!!
I have naturally wavy/curly hair so I use both: BAIN OLÉO-CURL when I let my waves out and BAIN DE FORCE for when I straighten my hair [I straighten 90% on weekends]. This LAIT VITAL conditioner is my life changing hair product that has kept me a true customer for years, and years to come. I also do this amazing MASQUINTENSE hair pack once a week.
I have dyed and bleached my hair so many times, in all colors [even blue in High School], and straighten it so much that you can just imagine how much damage and stress I put my hair through! Kerastase has definitely made my hair healthier and helps keep it strong as I continue to abuse my hair now. It helps moisturize damaged hair, but please remember it is not a 100% guaranteed miracle worker on everyone. At that point, you have to cut your dead ends, people!
But yes, it is not available everywhere and is on the pricey side.

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